I may be the first member of our family to reach the 80-year milestone. I want to celebrate that event with a Family Reunion here in Tucson. Lucinda and I chose a jewel in the desert to use for this celebration. White stallion Ranch.

Many made for 50Ős TV that my Dad was addicted to. Also theater  movies such as The Lone Ranger. Everything is available in the movie theater on the Ranch along with more free activities than you can do in the 3 days you are here        

OK Tell Me More.

The White Stallion Ranch is an exceptional place to spend a few days. Here is a map:

This is just the developed area The lodging is unique to a Ranch here are the layouts

The Hacienda (lower left) is reserved for Cindy and Jeff and their whole family. All the others are available. They all have different rates. The charge is per person and includes all meals, daily horseback rides, Pool and free use of every amenity the ranch offers except riding lessons ($20 / hour). Every one of the various lodging buildings is air conditioned. Our meeting area is free as well as the theater with all of the movies.


How about a cool dip in the pool